Welcome to the website for the Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club based in Marathon County in the Hatley, Wisconsin area!  We hope you find this a valuable resource for your snowmobiling information.


Club Meeting (Election Results and Pot Luck Dinner): 

Please join us at The Club Shed on Tuesday, April 11 for Pot Luck Dinner and beverages for members from 6:00-7:00 PM and the meeting at 7:00 PM.  Please bring a dish to pass.  BBQ sandwiches and beverages will be provided along with some chips and other snack items leftover from the Raffle Party.

Members: An election email from Mary Poplawski was sent March 28 (with a reminder email on April 5) that will allow you to vote for our next President, Treasurer and one Board of Directors Member.  Please respond to that email with your voting selections so your voice is heard!

Be Safe Out There!

Be safe everyone…This story has a happy ending for both the rider and the sled but we want you to take precautions to avoid this type of scary situation.

I started to write “it’s that time of year where the ice is getting thin” but, seriously, it’s only mid-February so these temperatures should be for folks much further south. This has just been the season of water issues for Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, proven by the challenges Kelly Snowshoes faced with the swamp that didn’t want to freeze and, just a couple weeks ago, the early trail closure for a portion of our trail due to open water. As we focus on safety, here’s the story of the sled pictured in this article for you to keep in mind.

Kelly Snowshoes members, Jerry Bolf (78 years young and our Life-Time Club Member) from Schofield and his grandson, Jacob Hahn (30), from Mosinee were snowmobiling on January 31st on the Rib River near Trails End Bar in Wausau, WI. The river in this area ranges from about 2-5 feet deep and, as it turns out, the ice had some variances as well. As Jacob was riding, maneuvering through a slow turn, he ran into a slushy area. As Jerry watched (along with the Go-Pro on his helmet), Jacob found himself and his sled sinking through the thin ice.

After a trip home for the come-along cable puller and rope, Jacob worked in the cold water to turn the sled around to face the other direction and to get some big ice chunks out of the way. In the end, the other Arctic Cat was able to pull the sled out with the help of its studded track. Upon getting the “drowned” 2010 Arctic Cat ZR 1100 4-stroke home to the heated garage and the fluids drained from the engine, it sat overnight to dry out. After some work, the sled was up and running the next day. I guess that Cat was purring like a kitten because Jacob took a solo 400-mile round trip with it the following weekend to the Eagle River area. Grandpa Jerry said, “He will take a chance on anything” but it seems to me, he might just be a “chip off the old block!”

We are so glad all turned out okay with this incident but, once again, be wise out there with this warm weather and thinning ice.

February 19, 2017


Thank You:

Thank you to our club members for all the work getting the trails ready for opening day and for all you do throughout the year to keep our Kelly Snowshoes Trails sled-ready.  Hours and hours are put into brushing, prepping, signing, and grooming of the trails as well as many hours on non-trail activities that keep the club moving forward.  As always, we thank our landowners for the privilege to ride, the businesses along our trails that make snowmobile trail maps available and those businesses that allow us to warm up, fuel up and re-energize.

March 2017 SOLD!!

FOR SALE in Hatley, WI:

2001 New Holland TS 110 Snowmobile Trail Groomer

  Condition: Good (3,605 hours)

  Make/Manufacturer: Sur Trac

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