Welcome to the website for the Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club based in Marathon County in the Hatley, Wisconsin area!  We hope you find this a valuable resource for your snowmobiling information.

Kelly Snowshoes folks are busy!  

Can we do it this year?!  Can we get all of our trails off of roads?!  We are trying.  Weather conditions and ground firmness permitting as well as resource availability, could allow it to happen in December and we are stoked!

Trail work is taking place in November 2018 South of Intersection 405 in the Marathon County Forest as well as a new trail next to Glatczak Road (which will get us off of a quarter mile of road)!  That just leaves a half-mile of road that we need to eliminate and Dennis is hoping that will happen in December!

Let's hope this cold and snowy weather isn't just a teaser but  a prediction for a great season...

Editor's Note:
It's tradition now...below you will find Kelly Snowshoes' “Twas the Middle of Summer”.  A few tweaks were made to account for our new board members!

'Twas the Middle of Summer

‘Twas the middle of summer, when the trails are leafy and green,
Not a sled was stirring since it’s still short of Halloween.
The snowmobiles were all tucked in the garage with care,
In hopes by December they could be flying midair.

The riders were all nestled snug in their beds,
While visions of snowflakes danced in their heads.
Trails that are white and clean is the goal,
So we can be ready to rock ’n’ roll in the snow.

When outside the Club Shed, there arose such a clatter,
Dennis sprang from his President’s chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the door he made a mad dash
To hear only thunder and see the next lightning flash.
Yup, it still summertime, and what do you know,
Kelly Snowshoes members aren’t all thinking snow.
They have Harleys to ride and fishing lures to fling.
They have picnics and campfires and golf clubs to swing.

But it won’t be long until trail-opening day,
So preparations for Kelly Snowshoes will soon be underway.
There’s grooming and brushing and signing to do,
To get our trails ready for the likes of you.

With registration renewals and memberships due,
With trail pass stickers and maintenance to pursue.
It all must be done in the blink of any eye,
To ensure we are ready for those sleds to fly.
Now Dennis! Now Caleb, Now Melinda and Josh!
Lead us, lead us, lead us by-gosh.
On Joan! On Tim and on Mr. Abel!
We like our board to be a bit crazy...but stable!

Shiny new Club signs were hung with care,
In hopes that new members will soon find our lair.
There should never be an El Niño as those weathermen say.
We want deep, sparkling snow for those tracks to play.

So now you must help influence Mother Nature,
By sending her messages much like a preacher.
She needs to know a winter wonderland is desired,
So frequent and blustery snow days will be required.
Cool temps are a must when we think of deep snow,
Since we want it always to be 20 degrees or below.
There should be no such thing on our trails as “snirt,”
Because pretty white snow should never be mixed with black dirt!

We want our talented young drivers to be happy and content,
To be driving the groomer in the spur of the moment.
We want rivers and streams and lakes that are solidly frozen,
To allow us to speed over the ones we have chosen.

As our summertime story comes to a close,
This old gal’s winter expectation is quite grandiose.
We want perfect Wisconsin snowmobile trails,
Where the only green is pine-tree and white prevails.  MPP 8-29-16

Thank You:

Thank you to our club members for all the work getting the trails ready for opening day and for all you do throughout the year to keep our Kelly Snowshoes Trails sled-ready.  Hours and hours are put into brushing, prepping, signing, and grooming of the trails as well as many hours on non-trail activities that keep the club moving forward.  As always, we thank our landowners for the privilege to ride, the businesses along our trails that make snowmobile trail maps available and those businesses that allow us to warm up, fuel up and re-energize.