Welcome to the website for the Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club based in Marathon County in the Weston/Hatley, Wisconsin area!  We hope you find this a valuable resource for your snowmobiling information.

January Club Meeting: 

The next club meeting is Tuesday, January 11th so we hope to see you at Dale's Weston Lanes.  The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM Central and Club Members will meet for some camaraderie and a beverage or two prior to the meeting at 6:30 PM.  Note: For a full list of activities taking place with our club, please see Upcoming Events.

1/7/2022 Update:  Marathon County Trails are starting to OPEN!

The best place for trail information for Marathon County is the Marathon County Website but guess what!?  Kelly Snowshoes is here to help.  The link below will get you there in a flash.  You can also find the Marathon County link, as well as many other useful snowmobiling websites, on our "Links" Page, which can be accessed in our menu bar.

Click this underlined link: Marathon County Trail Conditions

Nick Barnett & family

Landowners Extraordinaire!!

1/7/2022: This picture is from the creek crossing near Litza Road on the Kelly Snowshoes trail system.  Nick Barnett and family used their tractor to help fill in the huge creek ditch with snow!   They brought in 30+ bucket loads of snow to make that area flat for all of us to ride across.  

We so appreciate the help with the trail work!! 

Please give Nick and family a shout out if you see them!!

There have also been several Kelly Snowshoes members working on the trails again this week and there will be more out on Saturday as they do the final touch ups with signing and brushing since we are hopeful that Zone 3 will open soon too.

Thank you all!  I can't wait to ride those trails!  Bring on the cold and snow!  Is it too much to ask for Winter in the Winter?!  We only want cold and snow from December to April...


Yes, I was yelling.  :)

Kelly Snowshoes Landowner Christmas Party 2021

Kelly Snowshoes honored our wonderful landowners with a "dinner and drinks" evening at Weston Lanes in Schofield on Friday, December 3, 2021.  It was attended by 57 of our Landowners as well as 21 Club Members.

We would like to thank ALL of our landowners for the privilege to ride!  Please help us honor them by always riding between the blazers and by always respecting their property so we can keep that privilege.

Snowmobile Safety Class Held at the Kelly Snowshoes' Club Shed

The Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club was proud to announce and hold another Snowmobile Safety Class this year!  It is one of our goals as a club to promote safety in snowmobiling.  There were 30 attendees on December 11, 2021, which was 10 more than last year since we were limited in 2020 due to the pandemic.  

Thank you to Nick, Dan and Tony from Kelly Snowshoes for conducting the class, along with Mitch, the Marathon County Coordinator.  There was a warden on hand as well as Wisconsin's 2021-2022 Miss Snowflake, AJ Kreager.  AJ will be representing the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs at various events during her reign.

Photo Note: This picture was posted by AJ Kreager on the AWSC Miss Snowflake Facebook page and shared by the AWSC.  AJ traveled to our club shed and spoke to the students at our Snowmobile Safety Class on December 11, 2021!

Are you familiar with these little brown signs?!  You should be!

Keep track of your location as you snowmobile by paying attention to these intersection signs at key intersections along the trail.  These are especially valuable if you are riding in an area where you are unfamiliar since they can be used in the event of a breakdown or an emergency.  When calling in an emergency, the 911 operator will ask you for the intersection number you recently passed to assist in getting help to your location as quickly as possible.  The signs display the name of the county you are in as well as the three-digit intersection number, which matches up to the intersection numbers on snowmobile trail maps.  This sign could save your life or the life of someone else so pay attention!

Photo: This "Intersection 200" photo was borrowed from OnFocus.News.  The photos below represent other intersection signs from Marathon and Vilas counties.

Trail Work December 2021 - Cutting New Trail Onto Timber Ridge Road!

Nutterville Snow Nuts BeaterCross Race Event 2022

Another local snowmobile club, the Nutterville Snow Nuts, will be having their 2nd Annual BeaterCross Race Event on Saturday, March 5 at the Nutterville Snow Nuts Club Shed on Highway Z in Wausau, WI.  They will be announcing the time and more details once all plans are finalized but, in the meantime, mark your calendars now to attend this event!  Will it be muddy, like in 2021, or snowy and white?!  

Last season they had about 120 racers that competed on March 6, 2021.  Money raised by these racing events goes to Nutterville Snow Nuts Snowmobile Club and will be used to improve their trail system, update grooming equipment, perform general upkeep, and to allow them to keep the lights on.

The Tucker!

Late June 2020, Kelly Snowshoes became the proud owner of this 2011 Tucker!  We are so excited to have this piece of equipment to help us keep our trails all ready for you to ride and enjoy in the upcoming seasons!  This picture was taken at our club shed on the day the Tucker was delivered.

Thank You:

Thank you to our club members for all the work getting the trails ready for opening day and for all you do throughout the year to keep our Kelly Snowshoes Trails sled-ready.  Hours and hours are put into brushing, prepping, signing, and grooming of the trails as well as many hours on non-trail activities that keep the club moving forward.  As always, we thank our landowners for the privilege to ride, the businesses along our trails that make snowmobile trail maps available and those businesses that allow us to warm up, fuel up and re-energize.