Welcome to the website for the Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club based in Marathon County in the Weston/Hatley, Wisconsin area!  We hope you find this a valuable resource for your snowmobiling information.

"Winter" Raffle Party held April 2, 2022!

In previous years, this party has been held mid-February, hence the name!  This year the "Party of the Year" took place on Saturday, April 2, 2022, at Trailside Sports Bar & Grill in Weston, WI.  

Activities began at 4:00 PM with meat raffles, basket raffles, and gun raffles as well as plenty of food and beverages!  The cash raffle for the $100 tickets (150 tickets total) took place about 7:00 PM and you can find the winners listed below! 

There are so many to thank to pull off an event like this.  Thank you to Trailside Bar & Grill for being such a great host with a wonderful facility, yummy pizzas, and ice-cold beverages plus a big thank you to Mike Erdman, the bartenders and the kitchen staff for a job well done.  Thank you to our guests for coming out to support the club and for spending your hard-earned cash on all of our events.  Thank you to all ticket holders and to the club members that sold tickets!   Thank you to the club members for completing the prep work (meat, gun and table pickups, raffle prep, set up, etc.) and for those that worked to complete all the tasks needed for the day's activities!  Thank you to all who donated raffle prizes, sweet treats, as well as their time to make our event a "brraaaapping" success.  Thank you to the Kelly Snowshoes board and to our President, Dennis Kleman, for your work on the Winter Cash Raffle and your work throughout the year also.  If I didn't call you out specifically, please know that we appreciate all of the big and small tasks handled for Kelly Snowshoes - Thank You!!

A special thank you to Miss Snowflake, AJ Kreager, for attending our event and for helping out on Saturday (AJ is pictured above).  AND of course, last but most importantly, a very special THANK YOU to our wonderful landowners for allowing us the opportunity to ride on the trail system known as Kelly Snowshoes!!  Without all of you, none of this would be possible!

We look forward to seeing all of you next year!  Thank you again, for supporting your local snowmobile club!

Picture: Shawn Abel, Board Member, with the twenty winning canisters after they were drawn but before they were announced.

Drum roll please!  Below are the cash winners those canisters revealed:

1st Place: Ticket #54 - Zach Brown

2nd Place: Ticket #90 - Ron and Bonnie / Nick and Courtney

3rd Place: Ticket #22 - Dan Esker

4th Place: Ticket #14 - Roy Fitzke

5th Place: Ticket #25 - Jim Esker

6th Place: Ticket #92 - Randy Glodowski

7th Place: Ticket #42 - Don Thompson

8th Place: Ticket #68 - Val Hintz

9th Place: Ticket #44 - Dan Rodehaver

10th Place: Ticket #138 - Chris Kielman

11th Place: Ticket #16 - Randy Fisher

12th Place: Ticket #64 - Perry Bauer

13th Place: Ticket #70 - Nancy Prahl

14th Place: Ticket #46 - Linda Thompson

15th Place: Ticket #7 - Dan O'Leary

16th Place: Ticket #91 - Tom Grawey

17th Place: Ticket #93 - Brian Graves

18th Place: Ticket #10 - Mark Fitzke

19th Place: Ticket #135 - Matt Groshek

20th Place: Ticket #144 - Jim Miller

Several of the pictures below were shared with Kelly Snowshoes by Miss Snowflake.  Thank you for sharing, AJ!

Are you familiar with these little brown signs?!  You should be!

Keep track of your location as you snowmobile by paying attention to these intersection signs at key intersections along the trail.  These are especially valuable if you are riding in an area where you are unfamiliar since they can be used in the event of a breakdown or an emergency.  When calling in an emergency, the 911 operator will ask you for the intersection number you recently passed to assist in getting help to your location as quickly as possible.  The signs display the name of the county you are in as well as the three-digit intersection number, which matches up to the intersection numbers on snowmobile trail maps.  This sign could save your life or the life of someone else so pay attention!

Snowmobile Safety Class Held at the Kelly Snowshoes' Club Shed

The Tucker!

Late June 2020, Kelly Snowshoes became the proud owner of this 2011 Tucker!  We are so excited to have this piece of equipment to help us keep our trails all ready for you to ride and enjoy in the upcoming seasons!  This picture was taken at our club shed on the day the Tucker was delivered.

Thank You:

Thank you to our club members for all the work getting the trails ready for opening day and for all you do throughout the year to keep our Kelly Snowshoes Trails sled-ready.  Hours and hours are put into brushing, prepping, signing, and grooming of the trails as well as many hours on non-trail activities that keep the club moving forward.  As always, we thank our landowners for the privilege to ride, the businesses along our trails that make snowmobile trail maps available and those businesses that allow us to warm up, fuel up and re-energize.