Welcome to the website for the Kelly Snowshoes Snowmobile Club based in Marathon County in the Weston/Hatley, Wisconsin area!  We hope you find this a valuable resource for your snowmobiling information.

Kelly Snowshoes Winter Raffle - 2023 Cash Raffle Winners

We held our annual Winter Raffle at Trailside Bar and Grill in Schofield, WI on Saturday, February 25, 2023.  We appreciate everyone that joined us for the festivities.  Thank you to all that donated time, dollars, basket raffle items, card raffle items, and food items.  Thank you to Trailside for the nice facility and the great pizzas!  And as always, thank you to our landowners for allowing us the privilege to ride. 

2023 Cash Raffle Winners:

1st - John Juedes

2nd - Ryan Miller

3rd - Dusty Wilson

4th - Michele Pochay

5th - Tim Schilling

6th - Ted Poplawski

7th - Craig Weborg

8th - Mark Bauer

9th - Jay Menke

10th - Jason Witzeling

Congratulations to all!
11th - Al Zahrt
12th - Wally Osswald
13th - Curt Zich
14th - Sarah Elliott
15th - Chris Olson
16th - Wade Kreager
17th - Jim Grawey
18th - Snappy Joe
19th - Dwight Dorpat
20th - Travis and Keya Heil
February 23, 2023:
A few zones in Marathon County will be opening at noon on Friday, February 24, 2023!  Check the official Marathon County Website for details on the snowmobile trail status for each of the six zones! 

You must have been thinking snow because it looks like this storm system (named "Olive" by the Weather Channel) brought the white gold we needed!  Yesterday, I was happy to see these wonderful words on a Facebook post, " The Village of Weston has issued a SNOW REMOVAL EMERGENCY effective from: Wed, Feb 22 at 12:00 p.m. until Fri, Feb 24 at 12:00 pm!"  Whoo-hoo!  Now we just need this snow to keep piling up!  The cold weather predicted for later this week is also needed to do its magic on the three areas of the Kelly Snowshoes trails where the creek crosses (since the nice "snow bridges" that Dennis created earlier this year didn't like the recent warm temps.)  

Earlier in the week I was hoping we could get back to the Kelly Snowshoes trails looking like this beautiful photograph, but we are definitely there now!!!  This snowy picture of the Kelly Snowshoes trails with the "curves ahead" sign was taken on Jan 23, 2023, by Robb Shorey on the county land on Dallman Road.

Now that the trails will be opening again be aware of ice underneath the snow, ride right, stay safe and enjoy this wonderful sport of snowmobiling!

Thank you to all the groomers in the state that are logging time on the trails this week!

Some Zones to Open 2/24/2023 / Challenges Grooming on 2/23/2023

2/23/2023 Quick Trail Update:  Both groomers had issues today.  The Tucker couldn't quite pull the drag through the Little Eau Claire River today just north of Bevent Drive by Bert Peiper Road.  A big shout out and thank you to Randy Kukuczka for coming to the rescue with his tractor!  The Sur-Trac also got stuck on an icy hill in the Weston area today and will need to be pulled out.  The first two pictures below are from today on the South Loop through the Leather Camp Forest Unit - look at all that new snow.  It's been a while since Dennis had to plow first before he could groom!  The next two pictures are of Randy rescuing the Tucker/drag.  The last two are of the drag in the Little Eau Claire River.

Although Kelly Snowshoes had a couple grooming challenges today, the good news of the day is that four of the six zones in Marathon County will be opening 2/24/2023 at noon, including ours!!  Ride safe and enjoy.

March Club Meeting

The next club meeting will be held at Dale's Weston Lanes in Weston on Tuesday, March 14th.  We hope you can join us.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM Central and we will meet around 6:30 PM for a beverage or two first.

TRAIL UPDATE 1/21/2023

Caleb Loveless was out grooming last night and took some beautiful photographs of the Kelly Snowshoes trails.   This picture of the drag making the corner and the "nice" trail pictures below are all from between Martin Road and the T intersection at Timber Ridge (Int #404). There are several wet areas between Timber Ridge and Weston Ave and some of the wet areas can be seen in the pictures below too.  If you are asking, why isn't Zone 3 fully open, the pictures of the open water show you the answer so "think cold!"

Dennis Kleman, President of Kelly Snowshoes, commented on 1/20 that our trails cross the Little Eau Claire creek three times and it's deep enough that the entire drag was covered when they crossed on 1/19.

Check out the Marathon County Website so you know what is open/closed, then get out and ride!  Let's think cold weather and snow so we can get the rest of the trails open and keep them open through the end of March!

Please be sure to visit the great establishments along our trail system:  Family Tradition Bar, Kluck's Bar, Trailside Bar and Grill, Dale's Weston Lanes, Arrow Bar, and Kelly Sports Bar as well as the Shell Gas Station, The Store and Kwik Trip!

Trail System Update 1/9/2023


Words that should never be uttered together are “ice” and “storm” but, of course, Wisconsin got hit with an ice storm in December 2022 that caused a mess of down branches and trees on the snowmobile trails. On Dec 17, the South Loop from State Hwy 153 towards Bevent was groomed and the picture from the groomer, showing mostly hanging snowy/icy branches, is what the Kelly Snowshoes (KSS) trail system looked like after the ice storm. Dennis, KSS President, commented that he had seen this before but not on this kind of scale. Thankfully, KSS Landowner, Randy Kukuczka, introduced us to Harley Lang from Colby, WI who agreed to do some serious brush cutting with his excavator.  Dennis met him on December 19 at the Club Shed and he started going South of Hwy 153. Harley worked on the KSS trails until December 26 - see pictures/video below. Following this excavation work, many men and women have been on the trails clearing this brush.  Thank you to all! 

As you ride, please be aware there could still be debris on the trails as this was a huge clean-up effort that impacted a significant number of miles of our trail system.

In other news, Dennis contacted Nathan of Groomer Tracking Systems and Daniel Schmid, Marathon County Recreation Coordinator, about a trail name change. On Google Maps, it shows the Mountain Bay Trail ending at Mesker Street. On the GTS App, it shows the Mountain Bay trail going all the way to the Yellowbanks Disc Golf Course (Hwy X) so Nathan will be changing the name on the GTS app to Yellowbanks Trail from Mesker Street to the Disc Course. Please keep this in mind if/when the “Mountain Bay Trail only” opens.

Dennis took the Tucker out on January 7 for a couple hours to get a section of trail north of intersection 416 smoothed out (after our hard-working club members picked up brush). He broke through the Little Eau Claire creek with the groomer just west of Intersection 419 and there was lots of water – see pictures!

As of January 7, all Kelly Snowshoes trails have been double groomed except for a few specific locations.  From Intersection 406 west to Dallman Rd has yet to be groomed. We have not been in the swamp (Intersection 405-406) with our groomers yet because that area has yet to freeze, but some club members have packed it down with their snowmobiles. Within the next week, the club will scout out a trail that we used many years ago to see if we can get away from the major wet areas.  This will allow us to groom this area more safely.  One section of trail where the brush still needs to be removed is south of Hwy Q to the creek so once this area is cleaned up, it will be groomed.   

Logging operations will be starting up soon north of Hwy 153 (intersection 451) going for about 2 miles. There likely will be other areas where logging operations will take place too so keep an eye on Facebook for further updates.

Important Note: As of December 30, 2022, there will be no gas available at Eagle Lodge Mercantile in Bevent, WI. Unfortunately, the maps show this as a fueling location since we weren’t aware of the change until after the maps were printed.

On the Wizard of Oz, it was “Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh my!” On the Kelly Snowshoes trails, I guess it’s “Wolves, Coyotes, and Mountain Lions…oh my!” Yes, Mountain Lions too. When Harley Lang was brushing with his excavator from Litza Road south to Glatczak Road, he was followed by a wolf all the way to where he loaded onto his trailer. The wolf watched him from a short distance away. I guess this is something new to think about in our area as we are snowmobiling so always ride with someone else and let people know where you are riding.

Pray for cold and snow because it will take cold weather to get everything nicely frozen and another 4-6 inches of snow before the Kelly Snowshoes trails can open.

Thank you to Harley Lang for the December excavation work and for the photographs he shared!

Thank you to everyone that helped clear and cut brush these last few weeks!  And, as always, thank you to our club members that run the groomers!

“Don’t Come Lookin’” Song by Jackson Dean

11/26/2022: Hello everyone!  Since Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are that much closer to snowmobile season!  I hope the little ditty below will get you motivated for the upcoming season!  

I was listening to the car radio recently and Jackson Dean’s song “Don’t Come Lookin’” was playing. As I listened, I couldn’t help but think with a few tweaks to the words, it could easily be associated with snowmobiling. When safely out riding with friends and family, that is how I feel…please “don’t come lookin’” for me unless it’s to join us on the ride! If you are unfamiliar with this song, please take a listen to get the beat and sing along with the snowmobile version below.


“Don’t Come Lookin’ – Snowmobile Style”

Got a head full of noise
About a hundred different things I'm tryin’ to avoid
I got a mind to go ridin’
Got a helmet in one hand, a key in the other

Got the snowmobile purring and my fingers crossed
Just lookin' for a brand-new trail to get lost

So long…a black track turning
Got a tank full of gas, down the trail, I'm burning
Can't say I would, and I can't say I wouldn't
If I don't come back, don't come lookin'

Feels good, about time
Blue skies ahead and B-S behind
Got the wind in my face
I got nowhere to go so I'm already there
And maybe Mercer, maybe the Bearskin
Maybe the long Mountain Bay, or the trails ‘round Hatley
Maybe North or maybe South
I don't care as long as it's now

So long…a black track turning
Got a tank full of gas, down the trail, I'm burning
Can't say I would, and I can't say I wouldn't
If I don't come back, don't come lookin'

Come on
If you wanna throttle down tonight
Come on
If you're lookin' for a real good time
Come on
If you kinda wanna cruise in style

So long…a black track turning
Got a tank full of gas, down the trail, I'm burning

Can't say I would, and I can't say I wouldn't
If I don't come back, don't come lookin'
So long…a black track turning
Got a tank full of gas, down the trail, I'm burning
Can't say I would, and I can't say I wouldn't
If I don't come back, don't come lookin'

Are you familiar with these little brown signs?!  You should be!

Keep track of your location as you snowmobile by paying attention to these intersection signs at key intersections along the trail.  These are especially valuable if you are riding in an area where you are unfamiliar since they can be used in the event of a breakdown or an emergency.  When calling in an emergency, the 911 operator will ask you for the intersection number you recently passed to assist in getting help to your location as quickly as possible.  The signs display the name of the county you are in as well as the three-digit intersection number, which matches up to the intersection numbers on snowmobile trail maps.  This sign could save your life or the life of someone else, so pay attention!

The Tucker!

Late June 2020, Kelly Snowshoes became the proud owner of this 2011 Tucker!  We are so excited to have this piece of equipment to help us keep our trails all ready for you to ride and enjoy in the upcoming seasons!  This picture was taken at our club shed on the day the Tucker was delivered.

Thank You:

Thank you to our club members for all the work getting the trails ready for opening day and for all you do throughout the year to keep our Kelly Snowshoes Trails sled-ready.  Hours and hours are put into brushing, prepping, signing, and grooming of the trails as well as many hours on non-trail activities that keep the club moving forward.  As always, we thank our landowners for the privilege to ride, the businesses along our trails that make snowmobile trail maps available and those businesses that allow us to warm up, fuel up and re-energize.