Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Why is our logo a rabbit?

Answer 1:  Not sure...we are checking with some of our members that were part of the original group in 1973 to find this answer!


Q2:  When and where are your club meetings?

A2: The second Tuesday of each month from September through April at either Kelly Club or our Club Shed.  See Upcoming Events for specific times and locations.


Q3: How much does it cost to join Kelly Snowshoes?

A3: The annual membership dues are $15 for a single membership (18 and older) OR $25 for a Family Membership.  Your membership year runs the calendar year from the time you join.


Q4: Where is the club shed located?

A4: The Club Shed is located at 4499 State Road 153 in Hatley, WI on the South side of the road. 

Q5: Do I need a Wisconsin Trail Pass on my snowmobile to ride the trails?

A5: Yes, you need a Wisconsin Trail pass and a Wisconsin Registration.  See our Links page for more details on ordering a pass.  The trail pass renews annually and the registration every three years.