Kelly Snowshoes Life-Time Members

Jerry Bolf, Life-Time Member (Published Winter 2015-16)

It is an honor when someone is voted a “Life-Time Member” of the Kelly Snowshoes Club by our board.  It means that person has been a long-time, active member, who has made significant contributions to the club in his/her own way.  Membership dues are covered by the club for that person for life. 

The first Kelly Snowshoes “Life-Time Member” was the late Dane Felch and the second, and most recent member of this elite group, is Jerry Bolf.  Jerry is 77 years young and continues to be an active member of the club.  He’s been married to his wife, Jean, for 57 years and they have four children: Lucy, Mike, Laurie and Bob.  His son, Bob, said Jerry started riding the first (of many) Arctic Cat in 1969 and his Dad used to pull the kids behind that sled in a “Cat Cutter”.  Arctic Cat snowmobiling has been a family thing ever since.

Jerry has been a long-time member of Kelly Snowshoes and was also active in both the Rib Knights and the Rothschild Urban-Aires Snowmobile Clubs.  Jerry has always enjoyed a “love for speed” and as a result was involved in the “Radar Runs” in the 80’s.  He also was involved in snowmobile drag racing behind the Schofield Dam in the late 80’s and the 90’s with the Wausau Arctic Cat dealer at the time, Gordy Rhody.

Jerry works on his friend’s sleds, repairs his own and enjoys making them his own by adding lights, spoilers and most recently, a parachute pack!  His current ride is an Arctic Cat ZR8000, which he got after trading in his Arctic Cat 4-stroke LXR 1100, which in his words “was not fast enough!”  In the past you’ve had to watch out if you are going to race Mr. Bolf across the lake because that ZR600 may have all the decals of a ZR500 and he likely won’t tell you about it until after he’s raced you and obtained the beverage he won from you.  After all, it is easier to change out those decals than it is to actually modify that machine! 

Say “hello” to Jerry if you see him out on the trails and wave enthusiastically because he may be recording you on that “Go Pro” attached to his helmet! 

Congratulations, Jerry!  Thank you for all of your snowmobile shenanigans and thank you for continuing to be such as active member of our club!